Ruojie (Vanessa) Zhang

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Ruojie Zhang is a Research Assistant in Biopolymers & Colloids Research Laboratory in Food Science Department of University of Massachusetts Amherst with more than 10 years research experience.  Her research mainly focuses on the food biopolymers and colloids, and in particular on the development of food-based structured delivery systems for bioactive components.  Ruojie has published over 40 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals with citations over 500 and one book chapter as co-author on nanoemulsion digestion biological fate.  She is also a co-inventor on a patent disclosure (Self-regulating pH microenvironment hydrogel beads).  Ruojie has been invited to be reviewer for many well-respected journals, such as Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Food Hydrocolloids, Food and Function and Food Chemistry.

Ruojie is an active member in many scientific organizations, including IFT, NEIF, AOCS, GWIS, Phi Tau Sigma, etc., and has served in many elected and volunteer positions.  She is the Chairman of the UMass Life Science Graduate Research Council to organize several graduate research activities among the campus to promote multi-discipline communication in UMass.  She is the Vice President of UMass Phi Tau Sigma Chapter to take the responsibility sending the notifications to members and nominating new members to Phi Tau Sigma.  The UMass Chapter won the Chapter of the Year award in her tenure.  She is serving in Graduate Women In Science Fellowship Committee to manage the award applications. She is serving AOCS SCIG as co-leader to help in arranging educational resources, extracurricular learning opportunities, and networking events, which are designed to enhance the experience of the student members of the AOCS.  Moreover, she has been active volunteer for serving many symposia, and international conferences in the field of food science.
As her excellent performance in academic, Ruojie has been recognized by various academic societies.  She was granted the 2017- 2018 AOCS Thomas H. Smouse Memorial Fellowship Award, which is the most prestigious award for graduate students who showed highest standards of academic excellence and made significant contribution to the field of AOCS.  She was honored with the Kaunitz Award from AOCS in 2017 to recognize her outstanding graduate research on delivery systems that facilitate the development of functional foods.  She was one of the top students to win the 2017 NEIFT Graduate Scholarship to reward her outstanding achievement as a graduate student in a Food Science program.  She got the ACS Travel Grant to do presentation in 1st ACS International Student Research Symposium in 2016.  She was also the first place winner in 2016 AOCS Industrial Oil Poster Competition and 2017 IFT Food Product Development Poster Competition.