Dr. Ignace Debruyne

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I work as an independent consultant specialized in Soyfoods and Soy product technology, Soy & Health communication and marketing, Market and Trade research, Biodiesel and Bioenergy market support.
Active partner in
- Soy Conference (, with the Soy & Health Conference and e-Magazine, and Soy & Strategic Marketing symposium;
- in Health Claims Europe ( with the Nutrition & Health Claims workshop, Nutirents & Food Supplements program (, and with Marketing Nutriition (;
- in Smart Short Courses with programs around the world on Aquaculture Feed, Snackfoods, Soyfoods, Functional Beverages, Functional Oils & Fats, Advanced Oil Processing, Industrial Oil Applications, including Biodiesel (
Development of the Biodiesel Cost Optimizer software for the Biodiesel and Petrol industry.

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