Vishnu Kannan

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My name is Vishnu.

My highest qualification is MSC in chemistry. I started my career as a quality chemist/ production in charge of a well-known water company in Kerala. .In 2017 I joined a company named Arbee Biomarine extracts Pvt Ltd, which is a Fish oil/cosmetic/nutraceutical products developing company. My designation in here was Senior research associate. Currently, I am working at Indian Institute oF Technology Madras as a Research analyst.

Working in the oil field and doing Research is my dream job. For more information, I am attaching my CV.
I have done many product developments like 
1. Omega 3 enrichment up to 80-90 percentage with cost-saving
2. Isolation of Conjugated linoleic acid from safflower oil
3. Cost-effective method for extracting Squalene from Soyabean oil 
4.Extraction of tocopherol from soyabean oil

Some other technical sound areas are
1. Dewaxing
2. Conversion of oil ester to TaG
3. Purification of squalane
4. Herbal extraction
5. Plant monitoring