Mr. Hans Christian Holm

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Global Sales and Technical Service Manager at Novozymes A/S responsible for sales and development of enzyme solutions for oils and fats processing.

Master degree in Chemical Engineering from the Danish Technical University, Bachelor of Commerce from Copenhagen Business School. Has spent the last 29 years at Novozymes, with production, sales, development and marketing of enzyme solutions.

Key focus on interesterification processes for improving the product quality and healthiness of fat products, enzyme solutions for improving processing yield in refining by hydrolyzing phospholipids and new solutions for “Second Generation biodiesel” based on sustainable raw-materials like vegetable oils, animal fats and ethanol.

Co-inventor of several application patents with usage of enzymes for improving pulp and paper production and for improving process and products when making oils and fats.

Proud recipient of the 2008 Eurofed Lipid Technology Award.